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 Post subject: More Wildlife News
PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2018 6:15 am  |  Posted from: Canada

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Never in all my years of living here in the Pacific Northwest (granted was away for a decade plus) have I ever heard of a cougar blatantly aggressively attacking an adult human and killing them but it has happened and has quite a few here really shook up.

Not quite sure why this particular cougar opted to stalk and attack and kill a mountain bike cyclist but it happened and sure has everybody quite jumpy here now. ... ck-452562/

Personally I'm going with a theory that the cat was old, starving OR really young & starving and therefore looking for whatever it figured it could take down. Am thinking it was more a random happening than something that is going to regularly happen here now (but am thinking I'm the only one thinking this!)

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