Nobody care about Brexit?

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Nobody care about Brexit?

Post by Grandad »

I am a little surprised that nobody has mentioned what is probably the most significant change in our politics for 50 years.
In just a few hours from now Boris will be doing his speech from Downing Street and there will be light shows and celebrations at 11pm.
I just hope that his speech will not claim success over the remainers, those days are now past and we need to move forward and become a strong and independent nation again free of the constraints of Brussels.
There are difficult times and choices ahead but when we look back in 5 to 10 years time, I firmly believe that it will have proven to be the correct decision.
I won't be around to eat my words if it is not. :lol: :lol:


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Re: Nobody care about Brexit?

Post by bigken »

Brexit, what's that 😏

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Re: Nobody care about Brexit?

Post by LovelyLadyLux »

Congratulations! Brexit is now done or is it finished or is it?

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Re: Nobody care about Brexit?

Post by Ruby Slippers »

I really don't think that no-one cares, but it's been rammed down our throats for so long now! I suppose most of us are content to just wait and see. After all, that's what we voted for so now we have to accept what happens.

Mad Dilys
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Re: Nobody care about Brexit?

Post by Mad Dilys »

I was against it at the beginning as I farmed. We went in late and accepted different terms to everyone else that put us at a disadvantage and led to food mountains and farmers being paid a pittance for being prevented from using their land. Herds of healthy and productive milking cows were destroyed and limited licences were issued for the lucky few to produce limited amounts of dairy products. We always knew that the French would ignore regulations and get away with it and they did. Unfortunately that was just for starters in the UK.

Perhaps Farmers will get a chance to farm again, but it will never be the same as generations of local farming knowledge and practice has been lost.

Our relationship with commonwealth farmers was destroyed. Banana producers in the Caribbean went to the wall for example and a complex web of supply and demand involving many countries was destroyed for ever.
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