Hello Folks!

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Mad Dilys
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Hello Folks!

Post by Mad Dilys »

Hello, Hello, Hello! I am so thrilled to be back in the Forum. I wanted to wish Grandad a successful outcome for his operation and to give thanks to you all for my Happy Birthday wishes as well ass see all the posts I have been barred from for a month.

The weather for the first two weeks was very chilly and windy with showers most days and very little sunshine. I felt very sorry for those on holiday.

Whilst I am having a wonderful holiday with family and friends it has also been possible to use it as a "boot camp" to improve my mobility and my goodness I'm doing well so far. I went shopping with a friend for three hours the other day, without sitting down at all. Of course I physically paid for it but soon recovered. Shopping for shoes and wholesale buying of stuff from the garden centre is great therapy. I even got a 10% discount! :D :lol:

Keeping the kitchen tidy, being Sous Chef and looking after the log fire are my every day responsibilities. It means I have to bring in heavy baskets of logs as well as lighting and maintaining the fire. It is still a bit chilly in the evenings, but its always nice to sit in front of a log fire I think, though it's obvious that my daughter would rather I didn't as she worries about me. Actually she said the other day "You are very strong aren't you?" I said "Not bad considering my catalogue of ailments and age" But she insisted for any age, so I was well pleased. :up

My Artist friend and I are having an outing tomorrow with our paints etc and hope to produce some sketches after a meal at my favourite restaurant. I really appreciate the many blessings in my life.

Anyway, it you are still reading this, sorry the above is so boring but it puts you in the picture. Talking of which I hope to post some very soon.

Smile! It confuses people

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Re: Hello Folks!

Post by Grandad »

MD it is lovely to see you back in the mix. Whatever the problems with the forum, they seem to be resolved so GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK :up

As for the angiogram, that was cancelled at the last moment. They had a more urgent case so I will be rescheduled.....not too long I hope. I will always give way willingly to a more urgent case as long as it doesn't put me to the back of the queue. The ward sister promised to call me before the end of the week to rearrange, hope she is as good as her word :?

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Re: Hello Folks!

Post by Horus »

Glad its all been sorted now MD, I knew that Keefy would get to the bottom of the problem. :up
Looks as if you are settling in nicely, you did describe it as a holiday with your family, but am I correct in thinking your move is now permanent? I always think that warm weather makes you feel better, when I lived in Africa I always felt alive and every day was a joy, I do love living in the UK, but sunny weather always perks me up. :)

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Re: Hello Folks!

Post by LovelyLadyLux »

Welcome back! Hope in your travels you've got a camera so you can show us all your new home and haunts ;)

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Re: Hello Folks!

Post by Kiya »

Welcome back MD :) :)

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