When all else fails.

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When all else fails.

Post by Scottishtourist » Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:56 pm

When all else fails and we cannot fathom any reason for the continuing attrocities in the world today..who and what do we blame?
Many seem to blame religion.They detest an organized religious structure and totally ignore the fact that "the masses"who are supposedly "brain-washed"are really nothing of the kind!Christians and Muslims alike abhor violence and killing in their name,their religion.

Then we come to the police.Many see them as another "brain-washed"organization,just there to torture and beat innocent people.To hell with any notion that they are trying to contain law and order..and to hell with the thought that they are someone's son or daughter,therefore they are subject to abuse,hatred,assault,etc..on a more or less daily basis!

Does it never cross anyone's mind that a vicious individual hell bent on causing death and destruction..will do so?They don't need to use religion as a reason.They're just evil!It's possible that mental illness is more than likely the sole cause of their destructive tendencies.But,then...let's all blame NHS or other health organizations for not giving them the proper care they needed.

So there we have it in a nutshell!Religion,Police,Authority,Healthcare,etc.
So much easier to blame the failings of these organisations than actually admit that the perpetrator of the horrific crime was just an "animal"who lived and functioned outwith the norms of civil society and social proprietry!

Let's all blame something else for their failings..religion,authority,deprivation,lack of health care,etc..will that ease the conscience of the people who knew these "animals?"And come on telly stating these facts?
Why didn't THEY do something about it?

If they suspected that this person had a problem..then they should've spoke before the event..and not after!

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Re: When all else fails.

Post by Jayway » Mon Jul 18, 2016 3:04 pm

Hello S.T. - nice to see you again. You are quite incorrect. The blame of the atrocious state of the world today is HUMANITY and nothing else. This cannot be separated into compartment of religion, politics etc. The human race is a scourge on this planet and always has been. If you need cheering up try this film - - The Green Beautiful - - you will find it on Youtube with english sub-titles. This was a banned film in France as it shows the right way to live - - hope you enjoy it- :up

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