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Post by Christine »

Im aware of what the reason behind this thread was H , i just felt compelled to add a post that was more positive than many previous posts on this particular thread :), or should i say the way the thread has started to evolve .

You get out of life what you are prepared to put in!

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Re: Share on Facebook or Twitter

Post by Grandad »

Sometime last year I DID say in this topic that I was a subscriber to neither Facebook nor Twitter.

Shortly after making that statement I DID join Facebook because I was missing out on photos of grandchildren that only appeared on that forum.

I have just decided that I have had enough and have unsubscribed or whatever they call it when you withdraw your 'membership'. The hardest thing was finding how to get out of it.....they really don't want you to leave.

I had accumulated the vast number of 13 friends :) and there is SO much inane twaddle appearing on my page that enough was enough. :( I hate to think how much drivel comes up on a grand daughters page, she has over 1000 'friends'. :( :( :(

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Re: Share on Facebook or Twitter

Post by Horus »

It is one of the things I have never been tempted to join, to me it is totally insidious and reaches into every aspect of your life, you may as well write a book on yourself and hand it out. OK forums like this have a similar function, but they tend to be less invasive and of course more personal in my opinion. I happen to be one of those people who think that these forums have all suffered as a consequence of being linked to such sites as it allows people to associate in other ways and only reference this site for a particular article rather than being involved on these forums, but that just my opinion.

I have one mantra that I stick too and it is this:

If you are paying, then you are the customer!
If you are not, then YOU are the product!

And to me that sums up Facebook, you are a product to them to be re-sold to as many organisations and businesses that they can, your every action is saleable to some organisation as is anything that can be gleaned about your personal life, your likes your dislikes, your friends and social status, its all there for the computers to crunch and put you into a million data bases.

Oh and by the way Grandad, everything you posted up to the point that you actually left, is still considered by them to be theirs to share with others and to do with as they see fit under the terms and conditions of membership. :td

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