What a difference a fortnight makes!

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What a difference a fortnight makes!

Post by Ruby Slippers »

It’s been about 2-3 weeks now since any of us posted so how are you all? Here in the UK, the lockdown is supposedly easing but the general public seem to think that it’s all over! Nothing could be further from the truth, and some of us are waiting for the ‘second coming’ as it were. :( I, personally, will not be leaving my house until I feel it is safe for me to do so, however. How about the rest of you? Are you out and about again?

It’s also been a month of rotten luck for me. My indoor freezer has broken down, and very few replacement models to be had anywhere! Last week, it tripped all the electrics, so we’ve been forced to pay quite a high price for a compatible model. We’ve had to settle for a Bosch, so all we are hoping is it lasts as long as the last one - which was nearly 30 years! :lol: Apart from that, the extremely hot weather has triggered off either a chest infection or a COPD flare-up. I’m not sure which because the symptoms are almost the same. I have been taking antibiotics but nothing seems to be working so far, although it’s difficult to judge yet. Still, one thing I do know is - it isn’t coronavirus! Hope you are all keeping well and busy!

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Re: What a difference a fortnight makes!

Post by FABlux »

Weird I have just looked and thought it's ages since anybody posted.

Sorry about your freezer RS, I know the UK shops seem to be making a massive killing on them. Not sure whether I said before but my son's had broken down late last year & not been replaced & at the beginning of the lockdown he really needed one. None to be had, he used his contacts from the restaurant and eventually we managed to find one but it was about £600!

Pleased to say that we haven't had a second Covid wave here. I think everybody was expecting it when the lockdown ended at the beginning of the month but the numbers are still going down despite the large number of tests. In the Paris region alone (where most cases are still occurring) they are doing 1.3M tests!

Most time is still spent in the garden and today we have just picked 1.4kg of our own thornless blackberries! We netted them a few days ago as they were nearly ripe and I wasn’t losing any more fruit to the blackbirds! Last week we picked a load of tayberries and raspberries (which we had netted) and Barry said "Do you want the blueberries, there are a lot there" but I stupidly said “No we’ve got more than enough I’ll have them fresh tomorrow with the redcurrants” Next morning not a blueberry & redcurrant to be seen and Mr Blackbird looked at me with a blackcurrant in his beak! Grr I wouldn’t mind but he is fed every day and I have even been known to buy extra grapes just for him! :oops:

We have been out a few times this last week which has been lovely to feel normal again. Barry flew his radio control plane one day, only 1 other person there who was leaving as we arrived so just a quick chat outdoors at 1M distance. Went to a garden centre, also a quiz night and Saturday to a friend for her birthday with 1 other couple but all were socially distanced. It is observed round here, unlike the UK! I was appalled at the scenes in Bournemouth.

Hope you feel better soon RS
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