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PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:42 am  |  Posted from: Canada

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Here where I live we have a new provincial gov't just elected - NDP = New Democrat Party and "wow" are they RIGHT leaning almost to the point of there being no left. Making it worse they're only in power because they had to join with the GREEN party (and if you just think GREEN it does stand for anything you can think related to a new GREEN world).

They're just announcing their budget and have announced plans to build 2000+ housing units (modular homes) for seniors and homeless etc. Can't say we don't need more low income housing and having seen many of these projects over the years up close and personal I definitely hope they build in LOTS of funds re: maintenance and upkeep as it has been my experience that people living in low income housing do NOTHING towards upkeep.

What has really rankled though is that NOW a single able bodied man on "welfare" gets $710 per month and can earn another $600 before it has any affect on his/her welfare and if you can essentially make $1300 a month here there isn't much incentive to get off welfare. And $1660 for a single parent with 2 kids. Add in the $900 they would be getting from child tax, $2560. Hopefully some child support and they could be close to $3000 a month.

My OLD AGE Gov't PENSION that they can't take away from me after working since I was 17 is something like $427/month (this isn't my entire pension but this is what I'd get as a Senior if I'd never worked)......Can't even get started on this topic......

This is an initial news clip:

NDP funds 2,000 housing units for homeless
Extra 1,700 rental homes also in B.C. budget
Tom FletcherMon Sep 11th, 2017 1:30pmNews

Modular housing for homeless people and additional government-funded rental housing are among new spending initiatives in the B.C. NDP government’s first financial plan.

Finance Minister Carole James presented the budget update Monday, with $291 million over two years to build and operate 2,000 modular housing units for homeless people, with round-the-clock staffing and support services.

Another $208 million goes towards construction costs for 1,700 new rental housing units, to be targeted for lower-income families and seniors. Those units are in addition to previous B.C. programs, with buildings operated by non-profit societies and operation funded by rents.

James outlined B.C.’s continued strong economic performance, much of it driven by booming construction and taxes from increasing employment in urban areas. Even with $1.8 billion in additional ministry spending over the next three years, the budget forecasts surpluses of more than $200 million each year.

“Housing starts do not solve the affordability crisis that we’re facing,” James said, describing the new measures as a first step toward a comprehensive affordable housing and poverty plan.

B.C.’s Residential Tenancy Branch is getting $7 million more to reduce what James called “a crisis” in rent dispute backlogs that has increased as rental markets have tightened. The money funds 30 more positions for handling claims and investigating landlords and tenants who are “repeat offenders,” she said.

The budget also introduces the $100-a-month increase in social assistance rates, to take effect with assistance cheques that are delivered later this month. The cost is estimated at $472 million over three years to increase the rate for 190,000 people, bringing the monthly rate up to $710 for a single employable person and $1,133 per month for someone on disability assistance.

Allowable earnings for assistance recipients are also increased by $200, bringing the total to $600 a month earned without deduction.

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