Russian & Chinese veto

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Russian & Chinese veto

Post by Horus »

So the Arab League ask for the United Nations to back its plan for a peaceful resolution for Syria. Note that this was not an attempt to implement sanctions or to use force, it was simply to get the support from the UN for its proposals to resolve the issue. It was blocked by Russia and China using their veto and the rest of the world should be asking why? And the Arab counties including Egypt should now see where the interests of countries such as Russia and in particular China now lie. In Russia’s case it is the fear of losing massive arms sales to Syria and more importantly of losing access to their only all weather port facility for their navy which is located in Syria. As for the Chinese, it can only be that they are more interested in continuing trade and looking after their own interests and their influence in the Arab regions which is increasing with every day that passes. Their own record on human rights are abysmal and so their action is not surprising when it comes to supporting oppression elsewhere. Let us hope that the Arab countries remember those who tried to support their stand on Syria and those that vetoed it.


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