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Morning All

Post by Grandad »

Good morning all.
I did say that I would look in from time to time. I am awaiting delivery of a new 'built under' oven and it is a convenient time to say hello.

I installed the kitchen exactly 20 years ago. In that time we have had one new dishwasher and two washing machines but the excellent oven went on untill a couple of days ago the inner glass door exploded. Why? After 20 years is a mystery but replacements are no longer available so it has to be a new oven. Fortunately these ovens are very inexpensive and buying from Boots Kitchen Appliances, we also get loyalty points. :up
The now discarded oven
20181017 Pictures indoors-002.JPG
Very little happening in my life since I last posted and it would appear that it has been similar for you folks.

But I DO have something to say about a current news item. I can't remember ever seeing Caroline Flack on TV except when she competed in Strictly in 2014. Although not knowing the young lady I did have a feeling of sorrow for her passing in particular thinking, what drives a young person to take their own life? I know she had a court case coming up where she is accused of attacking her boyfriend. I am sure that has played on her mind not least because the boyfriend does not want charges to go ahead. The law it seems is taking charge of the law.

But I think the issue is much deeper than that. Caroline lived in high profile media appearances. She was very popular with most of her followers, many of whom saw her as a role model. She was probably addicted to social media and revelled in all the adoring posts that she would have received. What we don't know is how many non complimentary and maybe even vile comments that may have been posted. I liked a post that she put on social media a little while ago when she said "Of all the things we can do in life, be kind" or words to that effect.

I am inclined to read between the lines of that post. Was this a shrouded appeal for her 'followers' to be nice to her? Mental illness is a top news topic these days. This can include anxiety, despondency, insecurity, low confidence, and I have a suspicion that Caroline suffered from some of these.

We members on this forum are generally of mature years and probably have our own views about social media. I will not use any of these platforms because for years I have predicted that they do nothing but harm. They are not properly regulated and to be honest, probably can't be. I have expressed my views to my family who see my views as outdated. Maybe so, but Caroline Flack draws media attention and sympathy because she was a 'Media Person'. But there are many other younger people who have taken their own lives for a variety of reasons usually connected to social media.

When I ride around on my scooter I have to take great care to avoid almost anyone and everyone who MUST walk around looking at their mobile phone screen and not where they are walking. It has become an addiction and, sadly, they simply cannot live with it.

I will now climb down off my soapbox. ;) ;)
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Re: Morning All

Post by FABlux »

Good to see you Grandad :) That kitchen looks lovely and exceptional for a 20 year old one, you obviously did a wonderful job when you did it! Wonder if the new cooker will last as well as the last one?

I had never heard of Caroline Flack until her suicide as I don't watch any of the reality type shows but gather she has been subjected to all sorts of attacks from the newspapers etc as well as social media.

I don't do Facebook but do Twitter and follow quite a few animal related accounts, Guide & Police dogs, Smallholders and Crafters and have learnt a lot from them. Have also seen a lot of support given to people who are having a hard time with Physical or Mental Health so I think used carefully Social Media can be helpful.

Afraid I'm not as nice as you Grandad if people walk around looking at Mobiles instead of where they are going I have been known to stick a foot out! :x

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Re: Morning All

Post by Kiya »

Good to see you Grandad, that's a pretty good job you did with your kitchen & still after 20 years looking good, I suppose things don't last forever. Hope your new oven gives you no problems. :)

I cant say I've taken any notice of Caroline Fleck, couldn't she have no one that she could have spoken with, seems strange R I P

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Re: Morning All

Post by Hurghadapat »

Gosh didn't even know Boots did kitchen appliances ( I take it that it is Boots the chemist you are talking about )
Your kitchen looks lovely and also very modern looking considering it was fitted 20yrs ago.

Apparently Caroline Flack had long term mental health issues along with alcohol problems which is never a good combination.
I may be wrong but isn't it a case of once the crime goes to the CPS and they have decided that there is a case to answer then there is no going back,and domestic abuse is a terrible crime and should be dealt with appropriately no matter who it is.

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