Let's all go on strike...

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Let's all go on strike...

Post by DJKeefy »

All you seem to hear these days is about another strike in Egypt, It seems to be the in thing at the moment, from textile workers, public transportation workers, electricity workers, the police, oil workers, schools and universities staff etc


In most cases the strikers are demanding more wages from 25% upwards.

Last week Morsi increased all goverment workers and pensioners 15% increase (that's a minumun of 100le more a month)

OK so the majority of Egyptians need wage increases, but where is all this money coming from to pay for all these wage increases, the increase in the goverment workers and pensioners will cost the goverment billions more each month on them alone. Egypt is in financial difficulty as it is, this is just going to add to the problem.

Is this the right time to strike?


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Re: Let's all go on strike...

Post by LovelyLadyLux »

I think it is human nature for everybody to want a benefit so am sure most Egyptians can easily rationalize 'why' they need to be 'on strike' right now however from an economic financial stance one does need to answer the question 'where is the money coming from?' Am more than sure each of the strikers can tell you why THEIR job needs be given a raise.

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Re: Let's all go on strike...

Post by Horus »

It is the same in any newly independant country, their hopes are raised by all the rhetoric about freedom and fairness only to be dashed by the reality of the situation. When you are ruled from above by a dictator and kept in the dark about almost everything, then you are unaware that there are some effing big holes in the roof and it is only this guy holding an umbrella that is keeping you dry, once he goes you start to see the holes. ;)

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