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There is still great magic in Egypt and the rest of the world. The paranormal, astrology, leylines, rituals, telepathy and ESP interest us all. Discuss the mysterious aspects of life that appeal to your sixth sense here.

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Post by LovelyLadyLux »

My Grandfather's old boxer Sailor died, for no apparent reason, within days of my Grandfather passing. My Grandfather was mid-90ies when passed and always very healthy. Sailor was likewise old and always very healthy. The two were quite inseperable. My Grandfather got flu, was sick only a few days and suddenly passed. Sailor did about the same thing. He seemed to get sick at the time of my Grandfather's passing and within 3 or 4 day was gone. He was an older dog but was healthy. Have never been sure if the 2 passings were related.

Many times I think we see things and put them down to coincidence but I've often wondered if greater forces are at work.

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Post by BillH »

I have known 2 elderly couples who have quite literally died within days of each other's partner dying, one couple were close relatives.

I understand why this happens, and I suppose from a human point of view, one could say that they became inseparable, and so one could not survive without the other.

I'll have more to say on that in the "Do You Believe in Ghosts topic"..
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