Welcome to Women's Talk @ Egypt4U

The place for all those subjects that are of interest to women but might embarrass men.

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Welcome to Women's Talk @ Egypt4U

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Welcome to the Women's Talk area of Eygpt4U. This section is meant for women to discuss those topics that are of particular interest or unique to women. Where to get your hair done, cosmetics available in Egypt, beauty tips, family, domestic issues, and personal hygiene are all issues that we discuss. But discussions regarding the rights of women and social issues are also welcome.

As always, this is a safe and friendly forum. Abusive, mocking, and offensive language will not be tolerated. Personal attacks, name calling, using real names to demean others, and slurs against ethic groups or other groups are not allowed.

Please join us in exploring life in Egypt from a woman's point of view!

"A man who has had a bull by the tail once has learned 60 or 70 times as much as a man who hasn't."
Mark Twain
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