Domestic/Gardener/Driver help in Cairo

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Domestic/Gardener/Driver help in Cairo

Post by Ebikatsu »

All Saints Cathedral Refugee Program

The All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek (behind the Marriott hotel on 26th July Street) runs a multi-faceted Refugee program for Sudanese refugees primarily and some Iraqi refugees too as far as I know.

1. They accept donations of gently used clothes. Please make sure they aren't in bad condition. If you are leaving Cairo and don't have enough suitcase space or have clothes you or your children have outgrown. They willingly accept them. They work with refugees of all ages, so any clothes are welcome. They run a clinic for the refugees too, so medicines may be welcome too. Just check though.

2. They are often looking for volunteers to help teach English, computers and other skills to children and adult refugees.

3. They train refugee women for domestic service and the staff they recommend is normally very honest and trustworthy. They train the women/men in a housekeeping course before they send them to anyones home. They sometimes have gardeners and drivers too, but not all the time. There is a one time registration fee of 100le, but Joseph (refer below) will explain everything to you when you meet him.
Daily domestic help costs 80le per day from 8am till 4pm.

All Saints Church Refugee Rehabilitation program
The contact person is Joseph and his number is 010 200 4772.
He sits in an office on the church premises.

How to Get There
Are you familiar with Diwan book shop on 26th July street?
If you cross the road at Diwan and go under the flyover and across the main street and keep continuing down the short side street, you will arrive at the All Saints Cathedral directly in front of you at the dead end. The British School in Zamalek is located in the same compound. Hope this helps. ... ogram.html

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Post by Goddess »

And for those in Alex, a similar program exists operated by St Marks Church in Downtown Mansheya.

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Post by Michaelrazor »

please do not understand me wrong or think wrong but i never believe in such charity and support stuff why?

because there have been a lot of evidences and facts that proved a lot of charity organisations have been doing there own profit under teh umbrella of churches or charity or hospitals or hear foundation and so on and they where all fake.

i love to help people if i can but i rather deliver what i can by hand knowing it reached rather than helping someone in another country by sending a rep organisation acting on his or her behalf and god knows if it would reach or not. Look at africa..... for how many years they have been gathering funds? AGES... cancer... child abuse.... heart foundation.... Poverty..etc
still the same old stories and nothing changed.... why?

becasue all these stuff has to pass an authorisation of the government that is sent too then from there things get nasty.

if the church conducts something like handing it over by themselves then fine but if it is going to another organisation to do so..then
i wouldnt recomend...

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Post by Ebikatsu »

I agree with you MR
I prefer to give personally, rather than to a big organization because a lot of the money we send is spent on administration, meetings, stamps, flyers etc.
During the Gaza War and the injured were in Cairo Hospitals the charities were asking for money donations. We didn't give any to a bank account number.
What we done was go and visit each patient in our local hospital and ask what they needed. We brought them clothes, phone cards, food, and toys and colouring books for the injured children. That led to hubby's friend and him collecting money from their workplace and with that money they bought all of the patients new underwear, shoes and track suits. Every one of the amputees got a wheelchair from that money too.
They both went out and bought all the items, including the wheelchairs and delivered them to each patient themselves. There were quite a few other local ladies who were doing the same thing. Collecting money and buying them what they needed and we used to see them in the corridors at night.

It felt good to be able to hand over phone cards, and clothes, and see where our money went. I know if we had collected and then put it in a Gaza account in a bank a portion would have gone on admin, and that's not what we wanted.

I think the Church one is a genuine one.

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Post by Claire »

Although I do not know this specific Church, I have visited several Coptic Churches in Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt and I know that donations are used in the community. There is so much poverty in Egypt that any donations of clothing, medication or money can easily be used. I have also been with Church volunteers when they have visited people to give donations so can say first hand that these things go directly where they are needed.
Thanks for the tip Ebi. This is good to know.

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